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School Registration 2023

Yamaguchi Frame Building classes have a maximum of three students. They run two weeks, Monday through Friday, with the Saturday in between being Stem Building day. The cost of Frame Building School is $3300. Stem Building School is $450.

To apply, please download and complete the Yamaguchi Framebuilding School Application Read and sign the agreement. Email these to us at yamaguchibike@gmail.com

Frame Building School Deposit is $1000. Stem Building School Deposit is $200. You can use Venmo or paypal.
If you decide to use paypal, there is a 7% fee making the Frame Building School deposit $1070 and the Stem Building School Deposit $214.

Schedule 2023

September 9/4 - 9/15 2 SPOTS OPEN
October 10/2 - 10/13 2 SPOTS OPEN
November 11/6 - 11/17 2 SPOTS OPEN

If you have any questions, please check our frequently asked questions page. Contact us if you have additional questions.