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Custom Frameset Pricing

Many of the tubes in our frames are custom drawn to our own specs. In addition, Yamaguchi Bicycles can make individual tube selections and substitutions to match your weight, riding style, and goals. Our own custom drawn and handpicked tubes allows us to make a frame that can be lighter than the lightest brand steel tubeset, if that is your aim - or - stiffer than the stiffest brand tubeset, if that is your aim. You will get the custom ride and frameset you want.

Koichi Yamaguchi was the official framebuilder to many US National and Olympic teams in both the track and road events in the 1990s. It is important to note that, unlike the sponsorship agreements of today, Yamaguchi Bicycles did not pay to become the sole provider of frames to Team USA, but in fact, was selected to be the official framebuilder to Team USA during this period. Each rider for the US National Team received frames custom tailored to their own unique riding style and preferences. This same level of customization is available to you in a Yamaguchi frame.

Price List

Frame Base Price Style
Aero Track ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Aero Road ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Messenger-2 ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Lugged Track ~ NJS Keirin Frame Looks
Lugged Road ~ Traditional Lugged Road
Team USA Track ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Team USA Road ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Cyclocross ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
700 CMX ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Magnum Track ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Magnum Road ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Team USA Kilo/Pursuit ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Team USA Time Trial ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Team EDS STD ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Team EDS DX ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze with Ti Aero Fins
Asymmetric ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze
Tandem ~ Lug-less Fillet-Braze

Prices, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pricing or adding custom options to your frameset order.


Add-on Price
Columbus, Reynolds, Dedacciai tubing upgrade ~
Lug Carving ~
Track Frame Brake Mount ~
Additional Water Bottle Mounts ~
Internal Cable Routing ~
Braze-on Front Derailleur Hanger ~
Chain Hanger ~
Pump Peg ~
Rack/Fender Bosses ~
Two color, Multicolor or Custom Paint Effects ~

Other manufacturers carbon fork substitutions are available.

Ordering Information

All of our frame sets, stems and bars are custom designed and built to each rider's body measurements. All frames are built start to finish solely by Koichi Yamaguchi.

A nonrefundable deposit is required to place an order.

We accept payment by check or PayPal. (We will send PayPal payment information upon request.)

Turnaround time from the time of a deposit is 150 days.

Please see the instructions below for contacting us to place orders:

Frame Set Orders

Please specify:

  1. Type of frame
  2. Custom options

Download the Yamaguchi Body Fit Chart (PDF) and e-mail us.

We accept payment by check or PayPal.